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"Nothing needs to die for Leaf Log® eco-logs to exist."

The Leaf Log eco-log product range, the Leaf Log®, the Rustic Log® and the Leaf Lite®, is environmentally friendly bio fuel.

Leaf Log® eco-logs are made from renewable resources/biomass (dried and compressed naturally fallen leaves) or waste materials (wood chippings), which makes the Leaf Log® eco range 70% Carbon neutral and a kinder alternative to burning conventional fuels such as wood and coal. Weight for weight, Leaf Log® eco-logs burn longer than coal or wood.

The Leaf Log® eco-logs can be used on open fires, stoves, chimineas and for recreational use such as camp fires (except for BBQ cooking due to the flame content).

Simply place any Leaf Log® eco-log on the grate, light the bag and sit back and enjoy the warmth of a real fire. Providing immediate ignition from an open flame, Leaf Log® products require no kindling or firelighters and produce a clean smoke-free flame, the fine dust which is left (less than 1%) can then be used to fertilize gardens.

The Leaf Log® eco-log range, the Leaf Log®, the Rustic Log® and the Leaf Lite®, is the ethical choice for the conscious consumer who is looking for a green, clean alternative to traditional fire logs and lighters.


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