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"We have to rethink our energy mix. We know biomass has the potential to considerably reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and cut our carbon emissions. UK producers are setting the standard and have shown production can be sustainable.”

Phil Woolas, Environment Minister , Defra, 2008

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Peter Morrison, twice British inventor of the year and winner of prestigious awards such as the Shell springboard Central award, Environmental business of the year 2008/9 and The ACBF Environmental/ Medical tech award 2009, thought of the idea of turning leaf waste into fuel while clearing leaves from his own driveway after he did not know what to do with them. Experimenting in his kitchen led him to discovering a 50 pence sized pellet of leaf waste could boil a litre of water as it burned.

The idea then grew into the current business with help from the Universities of Warwick and Stafford and Business Link West Midlands and investment from Incubation Company Rainmakers, managed by Ben Way, a former participant in Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire.

Leaf Log® uses waste leaves sourced from stockpiles collected by local authorities in Birmingham, Walsall and Sandwell and it also has agreements with two of Birmingham’s universities (the University of Birmingham and the Birmingham City University), Bournville College and Sutton Park, a national nature reserve and one of the largest urban parks in Europe.

Leaf Log® is the first company that has fully commercialised the production of Leaf logs and invented the machines to make them which is unique.

Leaf Log® has been exhibited at regional festivals such as Changing Lifestyles in Birmingham, the BBC Breathing Places/Water for Life Festival and the Birmingham Climate Change Festival.

The Leaf Log® brand boasts clients such as B&Q, Netto, Co op and Boothes Supermarket, amongst many other smaller retailers.



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