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Leaf Log®s are environmentally friendly Eco-log products, a renewable and sustainable source of energy in the form of solid fuel which is suitable for homes and industry.


All Leaf Log® eco-log products (Leaf Log®, Rustic Log®, Leaf Lite®) offer a number of benefits, they are:

Easy to use/light - Simply place any Leaf Log® product on the grate, light the bag and sit back and enjoy the warmth of a real fire. Providing immediate ignition from an open flame, the eco-logs require no kindling or firelighters and produce a clean smoke-free flame.

Clean – our eco-logs are very clean with a low ash residue, the fine dust which is left (less than 1%) can then be used to fertilize gardens.

Versatile - The Leaf Log® eco-log range can be used on wood burning /multi fuel stoves, chimineas and for recreational use such as camp fires.

Easy to handle and store  - Our eco-logs are conveniently wrapped and sold in batches of 12. Each log weighs approx 1.2 kg and will last indefinitely if stored in a dry place.

Value for money – Independent test results of Leaf Log® provided a net calorific value of 27,840 kj per kg proving that Leaf Log® burns as hot as coal and 3 times longer than wood (weight for weight). A full copy of the test results is available on request.

Cost-effective – The Leaf Log® eco-log range is competitively priced. When the cost of the coal plus the periphery requirements such as firelighters and kindling are added on, our eco-logs are in line with other fuels in price comparisons.

Ethical - There are other natural products on the market, such as soft- or hardwood logs. However, unlike our eco-logs, for those products to exist, something has to die.  Even some logs made of sawdust are made directly from trees that have been cut down in order to produce the logs.

Environmentally friendly – Independent tests revealed less than 1% sulphur content in each eco- log. These tests were undertaken by TES Bretby on behalf of Hargreaves plc and NPower on behalf of Drax Power Limited. A full copy of the test results is available on request.
As the Leaf Log® range use foliage or waste wood materials, the Leaf Log® range is 70% carbon neutral which automatically places it as a kinder alternative to burning conventional fuels such as wood and coal.
Unlike some other sawdust or straw-based products that still need chemical-based products such as paraffin fire lighters to light them, the Leaf Log® products ignite immediately from an open flame, just light the bag!

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The Leaf Log® eco-log range is 70% carbon neutral which automatically places it as a kinder alternative to burning conventional fuels such as wood and coal.


There is a huge need for Governments and individuals globally to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and to find alternative renewable and sustainable fuels from more natural resources within the environment. The UK provides 0.6% of the world’s total annual coal production. It is the 4th largest coal consumer in the European Union and the 14th largest in the world. Based on this information, the UK consumes more coal than it currently produces and therefore, it has to import, mostly from South Africa, Australia and Russia. (Source: The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum - www.cslforum.org/uk.htm).

In addition, deforestation accounts for 25% of CO2 emissions across the globe. Deforestation costs more than global banking melt-down and researchers from The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) project have told the World Conservation Congress that the disappearance of the world’s forests costs between $2 trillion and $5 trillion each year - more than the current Wall Street estimate of losses since the start of the global banking crisis.

But we no longer need to cut down trees for fuel, nor do we need to use valuable land space to grow crops for fuel as leaves are naturally produced every year without fail. Leaf Log takes what would currently be regarded as green waste into a sustainable and environmentally friendly bio fuel.

Leaf Log® and Leaf Lite® use waste leaves sourced from stockpiles collected by local authorities in thye West Midlands, assisting them in meeting their targets for the reduction of green waste. We also have agreements with two of Birmingham’s universities (the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University), Bournville College and Sutton Park and one of the largest nature parks in Europe to sell the Leaf Log process.

Turning the annual leaf collection (thousands of tonnes) into Leaf Log®s and Leaf Lite® not only eliminates the need to landfill this organic waste, but also reduces the release of methane gas into the environment when the foliage is decomposing in landfills. Methane gas is twenty times more harmful than carbon dioxide which significantly contributes to climate change.

Using a renewable energy source like the Leaf Log® eco-log product range reduces the planet’s dependence on energy sources that significantly contribute to climate change, which is of course at present a very prominent concern for future generations.


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