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Rustic Log® eco-logs, pack of 12 logs, approximately 1.2kg each

From £25.00 GBP

The Rustic Log® eco-logs are made up of waste wood materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

Each unit burns for up to 3 hours and has a net calorific value of 27,840 kj/kg. Collection is available; contact us for large volume orders.

This product is sold out, please check later for availability.


Why buy Rustic Log® eco-logs?


We no longer need to cut down trees for natural fuel.

The idea behind Rustic Log® eco-logs is a simple one, maximum affect with minimum consequence to the environment.

Rustic Log® eco-logs are made up of discarded wood materials, taking what would normally be regarded as waste into a sustainable and environmentally friendly bio fuel. Turning unwanted wood based material into Rustic Log®s in theory eliminates the need to landfill refuse wooden material or cut down trees to produce wood based fuel.

The entire Leaf Log® eco-log range is 70% Carbon neutral which automatically places it as a kinder alternative to burning conventional fuels such as wood and coal.

Rustic Log®s are easy to use, simply place as desired, light the bag and sit back and enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a real fire. Providing immediate ignition from an open flame, our eco-logsrequires no kindling or firelighters and produces a clean, virtually smoke-free flame.

As the Rustic Log® eco-log is a natural product, the fine ash which is left (less than 1% of mass) can be used to fertilize soil.

The Rustic Log® eco-log boasts clients such as B&Q, Netto, Co op and Boothes Supermarket, amongst many other smaller retailers.


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