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Feedback from partners and customers


The Leaf Log product range

"Nothing needs to die for this product to exist and each year nature provides an abundance of leaves. Why not use them?"

Leaf Log® was awarded the Shell Springboard central award for environmental business of the year


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"It's a great idea and superb product. Clean and simple to use, just light the paper and stand back. At Morso UK we have tested the Leaf Log® on several different multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, finding it gives a very effective heat output and attractive flame."

Tony Ingram
Technical Service Manager Morse UK Ltd

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"We have been using the Leaf Log® on the Nordpesis N24 model and are very satisfied with the results we have found. A good flame and log burn time, it is an excellent fuel."

Martyn Ryan
Managing Director
ACR Heat Products Ltd

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"The Leaf Log® range offers a unique selling point as well as a green alternative to more convertional fuels."

The Voice - online

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"I purchased 2 Leaf Log®s from a B&Q in Plymouth while away for Christmas, I bought them back to London to see if they compared to coal or wood. I found them to be far superior for heat and ease to use, superb product."

Sam Kesteven, London



The Featherstone Eco Stove

"The prospects of the Featherstove invention especially for the developing areas and in Nigeria could be huge; for instance it is estimated that approximately 1.5 million citizens of Nigeria suffer from stove fume inhalation related ailments annually thus the need for the Featherstove."

Dr Mubo Eniola, Permanent Secretary in the ministry for water resources and rural development in Kogi State, Nigeria welcomes the Featherstove


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